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Ginger [Friction] Graphics
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Are you itching to stock up on some Good Ship icons? Do you want your wallpaper to display a manip of Ron and Hermione? Want to share your mood through your ship?

Of course you are! And you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Ginger Friction Graphics, a branch of Ginger Friction. After a year of not allowing icons on the original community, it was time to open up and take a change. Thus this community was created for you and by you.

Ginger Friction Graphics aims to please but we ask you to obey the following:
(1.) Be nice and respectful to all users and follow their rules.
(2.) Try not to bash other rival ships.
(3.) Use proper spelling, grammar and html as well as reasonable sized fonts and colors.
(4.) Don’t spam or flood.
(5.) Be creative and have fun.

Of course, we do not accept the below:
(1.) Anonymous comments. This is a sure sign of theft. If you want to join in, please register a LJ account. It’ll be worth it.
(2.) Stealing. No, no, no! If you claim someone else’s work as your, used art in layouts or icons without permission, we’ll lay a hex on you.

But we do welcome all of these and more:
Icons, layouts, wallpaper, screen savers, adoptable things, dolls, color bars, buttons, blinking stuff, manips, mood themes… etc.

We also take requests but try to limit one of these from each user per month. Or else.

As for the content on these graphics, anywhere from Ron and/or Hermione along with Rupert Grint and/or Emma Watson.

Here’s a few tips:
(1.) When graphics making, avoid MS Paint at all costs. If you are in need of a suitable program, try Pixia.
(2.) Cluttering icons with text isn't attractive. Keep it simple and minimal.
(3.) Adding text to a picture of Ron/Hermione or Rupet/Emma is NOT a manip.
(4.) Nor is changing the colors into black and white or sepia.
(5.) LJ-Cut is your friend.

And the resources
- How can I make an icon? icon_tutorial iconcritique
- Where can I find fonts? fontaddicts fontaholics
- I can't remember who made this thing! Someone stole my icons! i_theft

Stick around for there’ll be exclusives for members coming up!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Complaints? Partnerships? Contact us at ginger.friction@gmail.com.

Ginger Friction Graphics is moderated by sirose, cutekeeper, roargh and retardedcandy

For more Ron/Hermione fun, visit gingerfriction!