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First post

One wallpaper, three varieties

I edited Ron's face from the High-Res image of him looing at himself in the mirror. If he looks upset in this, just don't think it would seem right. So, he's surprised to see her instead.

Regular Colors: 800x600 | 1024x768
Blue Tinted: 800x600 | 1024x768
Orange Tinted: 800x600 | 104x768

Six Icons

Two manips
Hermione is pointing her wand at malfoy, Ron is were Harry originally was. Featured in the "back off" icon.

I know this probably an over-done one. It's Ron/Hermione from promo picture of POA.

Yeah, I know, they're from POA, but it's a start. My first go at manips.


I'm working on a Livejournal layout using the wallpaper, and an animated icon using the manip in the wallpaper (the hand kissing).

Terms of Use - I hate these things. just don't tell anyone you made it, don't redistribute without asking, and credit where credit is due. Te-da.

Credit to the hand-kissing manip-maker: agentcabanas
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